Monday, February 1, 2010

Tattooed Horror Harlet

On Friday, the 29th, I got a new tattoo. I had done a post about it and what it was going to be, but I never imagined just how amazing it would come out. My artist, Jeremy Lee, amazes me every time we work together. I have so many different horror tattoo ideas I can't wait to work on with him(INCLUDING MORE VAMPIRA TRIBUTES) When people, uneducated in horror see my tattoos they ask what is it supposed to be? And i have to go in depth about how it's Vampira, a 1950s horror hostess and actress. It saddens me when no one I talk to knows who I'm talking about, not sad because people don't get my tattoo but sad that the world is giving Vampira the recognition she deserves. I really feel at this new generation of young horror fans do not look at past horror enough, if they even do at all, and give it the time and respect it should. The things is, though I'm a part of this horror Generation I am the exact opposite. Modern horror films weren't a part of my life until the last year, but I can't tell you how many times Plan 9 spun on my DVD player, or how many times I recorded Bride of Frankenstein, or Arsenic and Old Lace around Halloween and watched it until some rude family member deleted it. It's just the way that I have always worked, I'm not impressed by Gorror and never have been.

Well I have gotten a little off track. I figure I should maybe show you my tattoo that inspired all of this talk!

Behold! Vampira!

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