Monday, January 18, 2010

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Now, I know this is sacrilege but I have never seen the original Halloween movies. So now that you know this, here is my take on Rob Zombie's Halloween. I know it's not a remake, it's his take on Halloween, but I feel like people will not be happy that I am commenting on one without seeing the other.

I have to say that I really did love this movie. I think that capturing Michael Myers as a child was an awesome idea. It makes him seem more "made this way" monster type, rather than a crazy killer. The first kill of the movie was the only one that irked me. I liked most of the others, when he killed his step father I was happy. He needed to have his throat slit. I really liked the man playing grown up Michael. I liked how HUGE he was, it was like he was Tiny's little brother. haha

I loved all of the masks that Michael was making. I think that it was just another thing that made him a monster and less of a serial killer. When he was wearing the masks he was the killer and he was just a normal kid when he had them off, well at least in the begining, then the masks took over.(or at least thats what I got out of it)

I hate endings that don't really end, so I can't want to see the next one.

All around I really liked this movie. I like Rob Zombie all together. My one issue with his movies is there is always naked ladies, but never any nudie cuties for me to enjoy. I guess thats because he is a straight male film maker. I guess that just means that there need to be more gay horror movie writers and makers.


Mailia Nurmi the actress who created and played Vampira, the original horror hostess, is one of my obsessions. For years I have loved Vampira and collected different bits knowledge and photos on my computer. Within the last month or so I have found the right picture and set a date for my Vampira portrait. She is getting prime real estate, I plan on giving her the whole upper half of my right arm. Though I have been 18 for only 4 and a half months I have been thinking about a Vampira tattoo for years. I didn't really want to touch my arms too much but I know that Maila deserves the space. I went and saw the sketch, and made my appointment. SO on the 29th at 2:30 I will get Vampira permanently etched into my body. haha I am geting this picture.

I have emailed back and fourth with the people in charge of her estate and they are just so nice and helpful. They helpped me find the right picture for the tattoo and then mailed me photocopies of photos. I guess they have a whole bunch of unreleased photos of her that they are working on archiving and at some point getting on the website, which isn't Vampira's Attic anymore by the way. it's

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Devil's Rejects

Recently I have had a mild obsession with Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects. I have watched it about 5 times since I borrowed it from a friend. I have also watched the documentary on making it upwards of 3 times. I have to say I love this movie. I think he did a great job with it. I had seen House of 1000 Corpses a few months ago and really liked it but I have to say this one really tops it. There is only one part in the movie I can't stomach, which is you have seen it I bet you could guess what I'm talking about. The gunpoint rape. It was just a little too dark for me. I would be open to Bill Mosley doing that to me, but watching him make a frantic woman be forced to do it wasn't as cool. I have to say though, I was almost more disturbed by the part where Sid Haig was having the sex dream, yuck(sorry Sid!)

I do not like the 70s really, I'm a 1950s boy, but Rob really makes the 70s look good. I like how it is un-noticeably the 70s at a lot of points where the time frame doesn't matter but there is a big enough hint of the era when it's needed. Like in the house, its not in your face 70s with music and television and ass ugly clothes, but they have a right cars, and wardrobes. Its not this over done 1970s costume, its just clothes that are from the 70s or look like they are and aren't this cheesy cliche of 1970s fashion.
SO My favorite death in the movie is Wendy Banjo's. I don't care if its the cliche death to like but it was just crazy enough to be my favorite. The effects weren't too bad at all. I think I mostly loved it for the mask made out of her husband's face. I love when a nice appliance is made and used well in a movie. I am a big fan of well done make-up, seeing as I wanted to go into the special effects makeup world for a career. I think The Devil's Rejects has good makeup, just look at Tiny's. I think they did such a nice job on those appliances.
All in all I really enjoyed this movies. I have Rob Zombie's Halloween waiting for me to watch in the morning. I am very excited to see this one. From there I will rent Halloween 2...if that is an option, I don't know. I guess I have to make a trip to the video store to see.
Stay Spooky,

Hellcome to my blog, I mean Welcome.

To say the least, I am new to the world of modern horror. I have always just stuck to watching Vincent Prince movies and other cheesy 1950s films. I have, within the last 6 months or so, expanded my horizons and started to watch modern horror(more like GOREror) movies. I figured I would document my movie watching and findings, along with posting somethings about vintage horror, horror artists, and horror related music. I guess this is my own little version of Rue Morgue(I have always wanted to start my own horror magazine!!)

I am Shane, by the way, I am 18 and live in a small Massachusetts town. I do pinup(and sometimes horror) photography. My favorite movies right now consist of Plan 9 from Outer Space(worst film my ass!) Devil's Rejects, and Trick R Treat.

Happy Haunting,