Monday, January 18, 2010


Mailia Nurmi the actress who created and played Vampira, the original horror hostess, is one of my obsessions. For years I have loved Vampira and collected different bits knowledge and photos on my computer. Within the last month or so I have found the right picture and set a date for my Vampira portrait. She is getting prime real estate, I plan on giving her the whole upper half of my right arm. Though I have been 18 for only 4 and a half months I have been thinking about a Vampira tattoo for years. I didn't really want to touch my arms too much but I know that Maila deserves the space. I went and saw the sketch, and made my appointment. SO on the 29th at 2:30 I will get Vampira permanently etched into my body. haha I am geting this picture.

I have emailed back and fourth with the people in charge of her estate and they are just so nice and helpful. They helpped me find the right picture for the tattoo and then mailed me photocopies of photos. I guess they have a whole bunch of unreleased photos of her that they are working on archiving and at some point getting on the website, which isn't Vampira's Attic anymore by the way. it's