Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hellcome to my blog, I mean Welcome.

To say the least, I am new to the world of modern horror. I have always just stuck to watching Vincent Prince movies and other cheesy 1950s films. I have, within the last 6 months or so, expanded my horizons and started to watch modern horror(more like GOREror) movies. I figured I would document my movie watching and findings, along with posting somethings about vintage horror, horror artists, and horror related music. I guess this is my own little version of Rue Morgue(I have always wanted to start my own horror magazine!!)

I am Shane, by the way, I am 18 and live in a small Massachusetts town. I do pinup(and sometimes horror) photography. My favorite movies right now consist of Plan 9 from Outer Space(worst film my ass!) Devil's Rejects, and Trick R Treat.

Happy Haunting,


  1. give me back Plan 9 you cunt.

  2. I will never.......well until I find a copy of my own where Vampira has a face.