Friday, February 5, 2010

Death Magazine

In my AP design class I have to do a concentration. For that i decided that I was going to make and design a whole horror zine(seeing as it would be shorter than a real magazine) I've had the idea that I wanted to make a magazine called "Death" because there is a "Life" Magazine. Well, I figured I would have to start acting on this. My design teacher was lovin' the idea, I designed up the logo a few months ago and now I'm playing with it on the computer, with the help of my Best Fag Hag Lesbian. So I figured I would post it on here(mostly so Casey can see because she's my only follower and my design buddy. I'll post more of the pages and layouts along the way. I need to get Photoshop and Illustrator on my computer at home so I can do more stuff like this.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vampira Con???

So I have about this horror host convention bring theme to Vampira this year. Now I'm kind of thinking I want to go. and by "kind of thinking " I mean I "totally know" It's themed to Vampira, what is more up my alley? The only was this could be more geared tward me was if it was a "Tattooed Kitsch Loving Gay guy convention with Vampira themed events" But since there is no such thing I might have to settle with this.
So I checked out the event's myspace page ( I don't think it has a website, website) and it talks about there being a reproduction of Vampira's set and never before seen clips. I will travel the 13hours to go to this, the only thing is I don't think I have anyone to go with. I don't drive so I'm stuck here in Mass. Another point against going is that I have a tattoo convention the weekend before, which will be costing me a pretty penny and I have to take the weekend. My boss will kill me if I ask for another full weekend off for another convention. But who knows, maybe I can make a trade and work the Sunday before the Vampira thing and skip the last day of the tattoo convention. Well I feel like this Vampira event is a once in a lifetime event to attend so I would be really upset if I missed it. She means a lot to me. Well I must devise a plan, and find out how much this will cost me and if I can afford this.

The Monster Squad

My gal Friday(the 13th), Casey, lends me all the best movies. She lent me a stack of things she felt I needed to watch. A watched a few of them and liked them, didn't like others and when she spotted by the other day she added to the pile with the movies "Trick R Treat"(upon my request! Ugh Love that movie so much) and "The Monster Squad" which I had never seen and she spoke very highly of. So in my spare time, healing, this weekend I wanted to watch a nice horror themed movie so I popped in The Monster Squad hoping that it would be as good as Casey made it out to be in my mind("kick him in the nards" was used so I had to investigate). Well She did deliver I will say that, though I hate how the 80s does horror mostly I really liked this. Rudy, was a total cutie I do love the 80s version of a teenage greaser sometimes, and this was one of those times("Sometimes They Come Back" was not) I feel like the good and evil balance thing could have been done away with but other wise I liked the movie. I wish the plot was a little bit better. I liked the monsters a lot. I was a big fan of Frankenstein's monster becoming friends with the kids. All around I really liked the movie, and I know I will watch it again.

I have to say I really liked the makeup. I'm a sucker for that shit, seeing as that is what I wanted to go into for a while.

Tattooed Horror Harlet

On Friday, the 29th, I got a new tattoo. I had done a post about it and what it was going to be, but I never imagined just how amazing it would come out. My artist, Jeremy Lee, amazes me every time we work together. I have so many different horror tattoo ideas I can't wait to work on with him(INCLUDING MORE VAMPIRA TRIBUTES) When people, uneducated in horror see my tattoos they ask what is it supposed to be? And i have to go in depth about how it's Vampira, a 1950s horror hostess and actress. It saddens me when no one I talk to knows who I'm talking about, not sad because people don't get my tattoo but sad that the world is giving Vampira the recognition she deserves. I really feel at this new generation of young horror fans do not look at past horror enough, if they even do at all, and give it the time and respect it should. The things is, though I'm a part of this horror Generation I am the exact opposite. Modern horror films weren't a part of my life until the last year, but I can't tell you how many times Plan 9 spun on my DVD player, or how many times I recorded Bride of Frankenstein, or Arsenic and Old Lace around Halloween and watched it until some rude family member deleted it. It's just the way that I have always worked, I'm not impressed by Gorror and never have been.

Well I have gotten a little off track. I figure I should maybe show you my tattoo that inspired all of this talk!

Behold! Vampira!