Monday, February 1, 2010

Vampira Con???

So I have about this horror host convention bring theme to Vampira this year. Now I'm kind of thinking I want to go. and by "kind of thinking " I mean I "totally know" It's themed to Vampira, what is more up my alley? The only was this could be more geared tward me was if it was a "Tattooed Kitsch Loving Gay guy convention with Vampira themed events" But since there is no such thing I might have to settle with this.
So I checked out the event's myspace page ( I don't think it has a website, website) and it talks about there being a reproduction of Vampira's set and never before seen clips. I will travel the 13hours to go to this, the only thing is I don't think I have anyone to go with. I don't drive so I'm stuck here in Mass. Another point against going is that I have a tattoo convention the weekend before, which will be costing me a pretty penny and I have to take the weekend. My boss will kill me if I ask for another full weekend off for another convention. But who knows, maybe I can make a trade and work the Sunday before the Vampira thing and skip the last day of the tattoo convention. Well I feel like this Vampira event is a once in a lifetime event to attend so I would be really upset if I missed it. She means a lot to me. Well I must devise a plan, and find out how much this will cost me and if I can afford this.

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