Monday, February 1, 2010

The Monster Squad

My gal Friday(the 13th), Casey, lends me all the best movies. She lent me a stack of things she felt I needed to watch. A watched a few of them and liked them, didn't like others and when she spotted by the other day she added to the pile with the movies "Trick R Treat"(upon my request! Ugh Love that movie so much) and "The Monster Squad" which I had never seen and she spoke very highly of. So in my spare time, healing, this weekend I wanted to watch a nice horror themed movie so I popped in The Monster Squad hoping that it would be as good as Casey made it out to be in my mind("kick him in the nards" was used so I had to investigate). Well She did deliver I will say that, though I hate how the 80s does horror mostly I really liked this. Rudy, was a total cutie I do love the 80s version of a teenage greaser sometimes, and this was one of those times("Sometimes They Come Back" was not) I feel like the good and evil balance thing could have been done away with but other wise I liked the movie. I wish the plot was a little bit better. I liked the monsters a lot. I was a big fan of Frankenstein's monster becoming friends with the kids. All around I really liked the movie, and I know I will watch it again.

I have to say I really liked the makeup. I'm a sucker for that shit, seeing as that is what I wanted to go into for a while.

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