Monday, July 19, 2010

Zombie a Go-Go

Today I had to go to my mother's work and make her and one of her co workers into zombies(she works in a hospital)! They were doing some sort of presentation with the photos, don't ask me how the zombies connect all I know is that my Mom's work gave me the money back for the makeup I bought. SO of course I bought a little more than I needed so I can use it in the future. But for not having made anyone up as in a zombie for a while I was happy with the outcome. I only had an hour for the two people so I didn't get to get into doing any sort of latex fun! But when I got home I did! I was waiting around for some friends to come over and I ended up making myself a nice bullet wound for my forehead(pictured above, a little washed out but you get the point). I colored it as if I were a zombie because I didn't have any flesh tones(which I'm going to invest in, I think I'm going to buy s0me Ben Nye pots) But in reality I know a bullet to the forehead would be the way to kill a zombie.

I'll have pictures of my mother and her co-worker in the next couple days. I just have to get her to send it to me!


  1. Wait...wait a minute. Do you think that perhaps your Mother's hospital KNOWS that we are all about to be attacked by zombies and that they are doing some sort of top-secret training?

    Because THAT would be bad-ass. Well, bad AND bad-ass.

  2. Oh goodness. I hope thats no whats happening because I didn't pack my gun when I moved