Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monster Tees

If you didn't know I work at a Hot Topic store in my mall and lately the company has been getting really great horror shirts. I bought a black shirt with all blue printing of the Bride of Frankenstein a while back. The in our clearence section I found a Devils Rejects shirt that kicked ass, it was everyone posed into the last supper and all the color was red so it just looked bloody. It was really well designed.(This shirt a friend rippped a hole in this week)Then we got in a Universal monsters shirt that glows in the dark, which I of course bought( and got bleach on this week) And yesterday I bought another Bride of Frankenstein shirt that is all printed in green! And the best part is I didn't even know it went on clearence until I was paying for it. I also got a Vampira shirt, which was amazing(in the Hot Topic clearence too) I spotted a new Bela Lugosi shirt when I shopping in a different Hot Topic than my own. It was Bela in a room and a whole bunch of spider webs! But my favorite new horror themed shirt was the new Eddie Munster shirt!


  1. They are all nice difficult to choose ! Ok take all !! ;-)

  2. I know right! I have most of them, but Im still working on it. And they just kep designing more and more. Its hard to keep uP!

  3. These are great. I've got Bela Dracula, Night of the Living Dead, Jaws, and Bride of Frankenstein t-shirts myself. Love the Vampira one!